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One Time Wood Protector - 5 Gallons

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One Time Wood Protector - 5 Gallons
Part Number: LOG-031

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A Truly Unique Exterior Wood Protector

Make no mistake, One TIME is different. It employs tech-
nologies and formulations that are unique from traditional
exterior wood treatments. As a result, One TIME applies
easier, penetrates deeper and lasts longer.

  • One TIME uses a proprietary acrylate resin blend that
    penetrates deep into the wood’s cellular structure
    and cures in the natural sunlight. You can actually watch
    One TIME spread out and soak into the wood – as
    it is applied and even afterwards.

  • One TIME is the only exterior wood treatment that
    actually permeates the wood’s cellular structure and
    cures, so it will not evaporate and wash away like
    other products that simply coat the wood surface.

  • One TIME is guaranteed for 7 years and is proven in
    field testing sites to protect outdoor wood structures
    for even longer with no fungal problems, warping,
    cupping or splitting.
Superior Surface and Depth Penetration

One TIME spreads out across the surface of the wood while
also penetrating deep into its cellular structure, delivering 2-3
times the coverage of conventional treatments that merely
coat the wood surface.
  • One TIME protects against the damage of sun, water
    and other elements for 7 years

  • One TIME penetrates and becomes part of the wood's
    cellular structure

  • Covers up to 2-3 times per gallon of conventional
    wood treatments

  • Contains 100 percent solids that cure in the wood -
    no water, solvents or waxes

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