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Ground Walnut Shells - 50 lb bags

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Your Price: $17.00
One Full Pallet (40) - 50lb bags (2000 lbs) of Ground Walnut Shells
Part Number: LOG-026
Availability: Not for Sale
Call us for a quote:  One pallet has 40 bags (40 x 50lbs =2000lbs) and is our MINIMUM order size.  One pallet costs $680 plus freight shipping to your location.  Call us with your zip code to determine shipping costs.

Lovitt's 50 pound bags of ground walnut shells!  Our custom grade for blasting your failed coatings off of your log home. We have taken the guesswork out of the equation for you and offer this grade of walnut shell that is just perfect for removing old stains, varnishes, and coatings from the surface of wood without damaging the wood too much in the process.

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