Who's got the best log home stain in 2015?  Ask LogStains.com
At LogStains.com we only carry the top 6 brands of log home stains on the market, we have narrowed the multitude of choices down to these top performers. With our system of ranking, no manufacturer can pay to be ranked higher than others, it is through laboratory research, real world field testing, and our long standing relationship with contractors and log homeowners that we derive our ratings. 
Yes, we know there are lots of stains available and each manufacturer touting their stain as the best, that's sales! We understand this and support their efforts, we deal with homeowners and contractors in all parts of the country, and no doubt some log home stains work better in some regions than others, and some logs have success with one stain and failure with another stain?  That's why we offer 6 quality choices....
From all this, the lesson is that no stain or stain system will last forever, you must really deal with the fact that it will eventually fail and break down from UV, Water, and Wind damage.  We think that is why the Lovitt's brand is so popular and our best seller, their line of stains are unique, high quality penetrating stains that wear nicely over time and are easy to clean up and re-coat in the areas that wear quicker than the rest (southern walls, railings, decks, gable fascia, and bottom course logs) 

So our spring champion is Lovitt's Emerald Gold log home stain being our #1 top seller this spring of 2015.  Stay tuned for our follow up article in December to crown our fall log home stain champion.