Historical log home restoration:  what products should i use?

Historical log homes are everywhere, from coast to coast high in the mountains and along river banks, lakes, and streams too.  What makes these crude buildings so special isn't in the methods of construction, let's face it, they were building for necessity not trying to win the design of the year award like many modern log homes of today.

Choosing the right products for restoration and care of these time capsules requires using products that are environmentally responsible & made from renewable resources but they also had to be effective, durable, and easy to keep up over time.

With so many products available for wood, we turn to the experts out there actually doing the work on these old log cabins and ask them what they are using to restore these historic log cabins.

Nobody knows old log homes quite like Ray Wengard of Town & Country log homes, here's one of the many historical log home projects he has done over the years.  

We carry Lovitt's products as well as many other quality products for log and cedar homes.  If you need help with your project, give us a call to discuss it, we love to help our customers' decide on which products will work best for them in their climate and elevation.