Best Deck Stain
Looking for the best wood deck stain?  The choices are mind blowing and diverse, who has the time to research all these different brands, formulations, and sales pitches?  We have been following the industry of wood stains and finishes for a long time, over the last few decades, there has been relatively few changes in the chemistry with each manufacturer using the same old mix of ingredients, just adjusting the amounts of each element to create their formula.  Now all that is changing with modern advances in nano-technology, micro-acrylics, water repellents, and (HD) high definition tinting systems.  With these emerging technologies we can be assured of getting better, longer lasting products for our exterior natural wood decks and railing systems.
One manufacturer who is leading this charge is Lovitt's Coatings.  They have taken advantage of the new discoveries, while focusing on the environmental impact and havew created advanced wood stain formulas that boasts amazingly low V.O.C. ratings of less than 100!  These new stain formulas are manufactured by Lovitt's Coatings under the name of Emerald Gold for logs, siding, and fencing and Deck Beast for wood decking and railings.
We have these unique products available on our store with FREE shipping, but visit Lovitt's Coatings direct to obtain free stain samples if you would like to try a sample, they are free on their store at  We do not carry stain samples for any of our offered products, just the lowest prices with free same day shipping on most brands we carry, so shop around and come back here to get it for the lowest price, fast, with free shipping.