6 Point Spring Log Home Inspection
As you leave the comfort of your log home's interior and venture outside this spring, you may find horrors awaiting you on the outside!  This 6 point inspection is all about the hunt for signs of trouble.  I'm not talking about the dog poops strewn about like land mines, exposed by melting snow, this could be much worse than that!   
We all know we had a hard, deep snow winter, and some people could not keep up with it, so the amount of snow that was stacked up against the side of the logs all winter could have done some damage to your exterior wood stain.
Here's the 6 things you should do right away:
1.  Spend the time to stand back and look at each individual log in the wall, the posts, ect.-treat each log separately.
2.  Look for dark spots, dark streaks, or discolorations to the dark side-this could be signs of stain failure or rot.
3.  Make sure all plants, trees and shrubs do not touch any of your log home-trim back if it does.
4.  Check to see all downspouts are cleared and running smoothly-repair all leaking or broken parts.
5.  Check your roof to look for damage caused by ice damming, loose screws, ect. -repair as necessary.
6.  Sprinkle water on your logs to test the repellency of your stain.  If the water soaks into the logs, it is time for a maintenance stain coat or maybe restoration- start planning to have your log home treated.

These are just the beginning steps in the spring to get you started, visit our website at www.logstains.com to get more information on log home stains, wood cleaners & brighteners, and deck stains.